GS-1001 One off PRO KIT - SOLD

GS-1001 One off PRO KIT - SOLD
GS-1001 One off PRO KIT - SOLD GS-1001 One off PRO KIT - SOLD
Brand: Bee Research
Product Code: GS-1001
Availability: Pre-Order
Price: USD 1,750.00
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One Off Gamma Spectrometry Kit with 2" Research Grade Detector - SOLD

This kit is a one off product, and comes with a beutiful 2" Bicron 2M2/2 research grade detector with 14 pin PMT. I have assembled and tested this kit to a 7.2% resolution which is excellent for any kind of spectrometry work. The kit comes with everything you need except for the PC and some sort of lead shield. 


Parts Included

  • GS-2000-PRO Gamma spectrometry driver
  • GS-PMT-14-2  PMT Socket with 14 pin divider and split signal
  • Bicron 2M2/2 Sodium Iodide NaI(Tl) detector
  • SHV to SHV Cable
  • BNC to SMA Cable
  • USB Cable
  • 3.5mm Mono Jack cable
  • Foam lined instrument case
  • Manual

Shipping weight approx. 5 kg.


All Gammaspectacular parts come with the standard "My Lifetime" Guarantee, but the Bicron detector is limited to replacement with a GS-2020 if it fails within 12 months.


Enjoy Gamma Spectrometry Safely!


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