Sound Card Spectroscopy Drivers

High Voltage Bias radiation detector drivers with audio signal output for sound card spectrometry. Our drivers will work with most Geiger Mueller tubes and PMT based scintillation detectors. If in doubt, please check with us first. Sound card spectrometry is the new way to analyse gamma radiation without the need for expensive nuclear instrument modules (NIM based systems) or multichannel analyzers. The results are the same and your research budget will stretch a lot further. Every lab need at least one Gamma Spectacular. 

Student Discounts! 

We gladly offer full time students and amateur fusioneers a once off A$50 student discount, the discount is a self serve, honour system, so if you are very young or very old, and don't have a full time job or lot's of money, you simply type the word "student" into the coupon code field when you place your order. * To redeem a student cupong, it is necessary to create an account and log on.

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GS-1100A Gamma Spectrometry Detector Driver +1100V Bias
NEW IMPROVED MODEL - Less current draw and less ripple! Gamma Spectacular is the most practic..
USD 249.00
Based on 9 reviews.
GS-1100A-N Gamma Spectrometry Detector Driver -1100V Bias
NOTE: This driver has negative bias, and only works with detectors that have HV connected to the ..
USD 299.00
GS-1100-PRO Gamma Spectrometry Detector Driver +1100V Bias
GS-1100-PRO  "Now standard with two wire detector option" When you have a great product ..
USD 349.00
Based on 4 reviews.
GS-1102-PRO Now the same as GS-1100-PRO
GS-1102-PRO This unit is now exactly the same as GS-1100-PRO This page has just been lef..
USD 349.00
GS-2000-PRO Gamma Spectrometry Detector Driver +2000V Bias
GS-2000-PRO "Now standard with two wire detector option"  Download Brochure This mod..
USD 449.00
Based on 1 reviews.
GS-2002-PRO Now same as GS-2000-PRO
GS-2002-PRO  This product is now exactly the same as GS-2000-PRO , this page has just be..
USD 449.00

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