Used OWON Oscilloscope Model PDS5022S 

This is a well used entry level oscilloscope, but it still has a bit of life left, and would be a great tool for someone on a budget who doesn't have one.

This scope has two channels and all the bells and whistles of the more expensive ones, without the high sample rate. 

Apart from some dust and obvious signs of use, it has a few minor issues..

1) The screen brightness is a bit tricky to adjust because the knob is very sensitive

2) The trigger height adjusting knob is also a bit sensitive but it works fine if you turn it slowly.

Apart from that it does the job.

Two probes are included, one has a missing crow.

Absolutely essential tool for anyone working with radiation detectors.

Serial #W5022S10030540
Bandwidth25 MHz
Sample rate 100 Ms/s
Input Voltage100 - 250 VAC
Max Power15W
Battery7.5V Rechargeable

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