The Lund/LBNL Nuclear Data Search

Searchable database of all radio nuclides. Useful for identifying isotopes by their gamma signatures.

Gamma Ray Spectrum Catalogue

A catalogue of common gamma ray spectra, handy to identify those unknown peaks.

Online Spectrum Catalogue

The INL’s Gamma-ray Spectrum Catalogue is an attempt to compile spectra from various detector types and present these spectra with decay schemes and data tables based on the latest ENSDF data. 

Radio Nuclide Decay Chain Finder

Handy tool to look up the decay chain of just about any isotope.

WISE - World Information Service on energy

Great resource of information on naturally occurring nucleides including a great number of radiation calculators

National Nuclear Data Center

Searchable database of all radio nuclides. Useful for identifying isotopes by their gamma signatures.

Saint-Gobain Crystals

Manufacturers of scintillator crystals and detectors, useful site for finding data sheets and specifications for detectors.

Hilger Crystals

Hilger Crystals have a long established history in the supply of high quality synthetic crystals for infrared spectroscopy and X and gamma ray detection.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory - Scintillator Properties 

An extensive list of scintillation materials and their specific properties.

Amateur fusion site with discussion board

LND Inc.

Suppliers of neutron detectors and geiger counters

Ludlum Measurements Inc.

Suppliers of new radiation detectors

Half Life Calculator

Convenient java calculator for calculating the half life of anything

Spectrum Tecniques

Supplier of laminated excempt disc sources

Bubble Detector Neutron Energy Calculator

This tool was developed by Bee Research to calculate the energy Quotient of fusion reactors, using the BTI Bubble Detector.

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