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by geba
09 Mar 2016, 04:54
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Topic: Gerhard Bast
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Gerhard Bast

Hallo, my name is Gerhard Bast and i am living in Germany/ Europe and i am completly new to this forum. I am a physican (medical doctor) and retired.So, i have now time enough to find out, whats going on with gammaspectrometry, which i had done in study and in the clinic.Beginning with several Geige...
by geba
09 Mar 2016, 03:04
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Topic: Si-14B (Si-8B) detector wiring
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Re: Si-14B (Si-8B) detector wiring

Hallo, i have three of this pankake Tubes. I hope You have the data shield.When not, i ammend the translation from russian: Here is the translation: ECV 6343 II652 I COUNTER SI8B LABEL Counter Beta radiation SI8B (hereinafter counter) is used to register the soft beta-radiation in radiometric device...