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by Tishers
13 Aug 2017, 07:15
Forum: Detectors
Topic: Si-14B (Si-8B) detector wiring
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Re: Si-14B (Si-8B) detector wiring

I am going to bump this thread (slightly) to add a comment about the series resistor for current limiting and also on voltage ranges; If you have ever taken apart other probes (the Ludlum 44-7 is a good example) you will find that they add a current limiting resistor in series. If you have a meter w...
by Tishers
08 Aug 2017, 06:56
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Topic: Greetings from Lookout Mountain Alabama
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Greetings from Lookout Mountain Alabama

Hello from the mountains of northeast Alabama, My name is Tisha and I am an amateur scientist. Amateur in the sense that I do not get paid for the physics side of things but I am an electrical engineer with specializations in communications and instrumentation systems. Primarily I work on power gene...