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by Falcon
09 Feb 2019, 18:24
Forum: Spectrum
Topic: First spectrum and interpretation of the results
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First spectrum and interpretation of the results

So I've been working with my GS-USB-pro for a little while now, mostly using known single element sources. This time I've have analysed a truly unknown sample and I'm working on interpreting the results. Conditions; PRA v20: total time 3600 sec for total count of 390,000 pulses Sample: roughly 5g of...
by Falcon
10 Nov 2018, 13:09
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Topic: Hello from South Australia!
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Hello from South Australia!

Hi everyone, Lachlan here from South Australia. I just purchased my first gamma spectrometer (a shiny new gs-usb-pro) from Steven and really looking forward to seeing what I can do with it. My day job is an analytical chemist, so I usually work with xrf and icp type machines, no gamma spectrometers,...