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Complete NaI scintillation detector assembly

Posted: 21 Jan 2019, 07:13
by brehwens
Hi again!

This time, a complete NaI detector kit is up for grabs. The PMT is a Hamamatsu R580-09 which I bought from iRad inc, and this tube is supposedly really good!
"Unfortunately", I did not find a very good crystal to go with it, as I recall it only delivered 8% FWHM @ 662 keV, but as the detector is dissassembled it is no problems swapping the crystal out, so the crystal is included more as a way to test the PMT setup. But the whole package works just as intended!

The housing is one of Steven's neat anodized ones, and the whole package is complete with MU-metal shield and 58 M Ohm voltage divider and BNC connector. Just assemble and you are good to go!

Picture is a little fuzzy due to dust in my cell phone camera lens.

Asking 150 € + shipping since these are quality parts (PMT, housing, MU shield, voltage divider etc). I throw in the crystal as a bonus.