63x63mm NaI(Tl)

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63x63mm NaI(Tl)

Post by luuk » 17 Oct 2015, 00:44

Hi Guys,

I got an offer from Vladimir for 63x63mm NaI(Tl) I thought it might be interested for some in this group.
Here a copy from the mail I got:

Currently I can offer you scintillators 63x63mm.
160 $ for 1 pc. with free shipping.
There is 10 pcs.
Payment through Skrill.

He offer free shipping but that is me( Europe) but maybe also to USA and rest of the world I don’t know., you have to ask him that yourself!
If you got interest please contact him directly at : bochkaart@gmail.com


Steven A
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Re: 63x63mm NaI(Tl)

Post by Steven A » 28 Oct 2015, 14:58

Hi !
Just received my 63mm X 63mm Russian eBay crystal. I am building a gamma spectrometer. I am not sure how to open and connect the crystal to a 3" PMT. How do I open the metal can the crystal is in, which end gets attached to the PMT? Any help would be appreciated. I am located in California, SF Bay Area.


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Re: 63x63mm NaI(Tl)

Post by iRad » 28 Oct 2015, 21:06

You use the crystal as-is. Any attempt to open the can will destroy the crystal, which is VERY hygroscopic. Simply couple the window end (glass cover) of the crystal's can to your PMT using coupling grease. Then make sure the entire assembly is light tight before powering it up. That is the simple instructions, of course there is much more to it to build a nice detector, but you can find a lot of info here. Cheers, Tom
Cheers, Tom Hall / IRAD INC / Stuart, FL USA
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