Semiconductor Scintillator / Polimaster

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Semiconductor Scintillator / Polimaster

Post by sgt_bear » 16 Jan 2017, 07:12


I recently discovered that there is a radiation measurement device called "Polimaster" ... 1703mo-1a/

With this device it should be able to identify various radionucleides

Its a CsI(Ti) crytal in there with a semiconductor detector. I don't think a hv-supply and a pmt would fit in there!

I really like to build my own portable spectrometer and i'm wondering wehere to get small CsI(Ti) crystals?
I guess they are using a PIN Photodiode... anyone knows what types would be best?

Has anyone this device or knows how it looks inside?

Would be very nice to hear about
- Jonathan from Switzerland

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Re: Semiconductor Scintillator / Polimaster

Post by luuk » 17 Jan 2017, 07:03

Hi Jonathan,

If you want to build your own Photo diode detector you will have two problems to overcome.
First you need a good photo diode preferable one with a low noise and a preferable a large surface.
Hamamatsu makes low noise diodes for this purpose e.g. S3590 a 10x10mm but you can also use low budget diodes e.g. S1337.
Second is that you need a good amplifier high gain and low noise not as easy as it look.
A small CsI(Tl) e.g. 10x10x10m crystal is no problem I can deliver one for a fair price.
Two years ago you could buy a very nice complete detector/amplifier with an usb output in Japan called “armadillo” mad by mr. Ohisa for about 150$ but I don’t know if they are still available the internet site is gone

The Pollimaster is a very expensive detector out of amateur reach.
I own one Armadillo and it works great for such a small detector, resolution around 7%@662KeV the CsI(Tl) crystal is 10x10x10mm works great with PRA software
Maybe you should look at a SiPm far superior then a photo diode, more gain less noise does not need special amplifier, disadvantage more expensive!
You can find some test that I made with a single and a matrix SiPm in the “Spectrum” section.


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