More fun with CeBr3

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Steven Sesselmann
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More fun with CeBr3

Post by Steven Sesselmann » 09 Dec 2019, 21:41

I just finished a nice detector for a customer with a 1.5" x 1.5" CeBr3 crystal, and unfortunately I have to ship it out tomorrow, but before I do, I like to share the spectrum with you.

The resolution of CeBr3 is slightly lower than LaBr3, but it doesn't suffer from the internal noise, which I think makes it a better detector.

The detector is built with a 2" Hamamatsu PMT and it came in at a not so shabby 4.2% with the GS-USB-PRO.

Once again like LaBr3 it's hard to justify the cost of this detector, but certainly a pleasure to work with.
Cs137 Cerium Bromide CeBr3 Spectrum
GS-1515 Cerium Bromide CeBr3 Detector

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Re: More fun with CeBr3

Post by luuk » 10 Dec 2019, 05:42

Hi Steven,
4.2% with a standard pmt is very nice, great detector!!

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Re: More fun with CeBr3

Post by iRad » 10 Dec 2019, 07:24

Super nice. I agree with Steven that the slight decrease in resolution for a stand alone detector is worth it not to have the internal activity. Green with envy... :)
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Conor Whyte
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Re: More fun with CeBr3

Post by Conor Whyte » 11 Mar 2020, 17:53

Too bad it is far out of reach to DIY a CeBr3 crystal from scratch. I'd really like to have one. Can't afford it though.

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Re: More fun with CeBr3

Post by Zagros » 12 Mar 2020, 17:39

Great probe Steve!
What’s the price of this crystal?

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