GS-1100-PRO Pulse Shape

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GS-1100-PRO Pulse Shape

Post by Steven Sesselmann » 22 Jul 2017, 16:28

Hi All,

For anyone interested, especially those new to sound card spectrometry, I just want to show how you can copy the captured pulse shape from PRA to a spreadsheet. From the pulse shape window you can just click the copy button to copy the 16 sample values to the clipboard, and it is then a trivial matter to paste it into a spreadsheet and plot the shape.
Pulse shape copy
Here I have made a comparison between 48 kHz and 96 kHz sampling (same detector). A good pulse shape would bed 4 negative value samples followed by 8 positive followed by 4 negative, but this is not super critical as long as you capture most of the pulse. PRA calculates the RMS value on the fly so you get a good pulse height average even at 48 kHz.
Pulse Shape.png
Pulse Shape
Anyone wanting to sample at higher values ie. 192 kHz might want to consider shortening the pulse length, this can be done by changing a resistor in the RC circuit of the GS. Maybe a toggle switch for long/short pulse is something to consider in future versions.


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