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GS-PRO' potentiometer

Posted: 25 Feb 2018, 21:48
by pilgrim
Hi all,
a simple question about the GS-PRO.
When I plug the driver to the probe, is it better to start from 0V and raise the voltage till the correct value, or is it possible to leave the voltage settings as the last use?
Idem when I unplug the probe : is it necessary to lower the voltage until 0V or is it possible to unplug straightly?
I ask this because I wonder if turn the trimmer pot many times every time I use it, could break or damage it.
I'm used to "work" at 870 รท 900 V.

Thank you

Re: GS-PRO' potentiometer

Posted: 26 Feb 2018, 11:19
by Steven Sesselmann

You can safely leave the potentiometer at the voltage best for your detector. Your PMT will not be damaged by hot plugging the connector while at high voltage. If you are concerned about this you can unplug the USB power before connecting the detector, but really nothing to worry about.

The 1K trimmer potentiometer doesn't directly control the high voltage, it only adjusts the low voltage side of an opamp, which in turn controls the input voltage on the inverter from 0-5 Volt.

So if you always use the same detector, you never have to adjust the trimmer potentiometer, this is the main reason why I chose to use a potentiometer without a finger knob.


Re: GS-PRO' potentiometer

Posted: 26 Feb 2018, 15:22
by pilgrim
Thank you Steven.