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GS-USB-PRO recieved!!

Posted: 28 May 2019, 15:52
by Conor Whyte
I just recieved my GS-USB-PRO this evening. It arrived quickly and without issue. The build quality is superior and the item was packed perfectly! The BNC-SHV connector cable is very audiophile-like (reminds me of those Monster analog stereo cables)...
Anyways... at 600V my Scionix NaI/Tl detector ran perfectly and was easily able to pull a spectrum from both the Cs137 and Mn54. I didn't notice any pulse pileup whatsoever. I was also able to clearly see K40 in the background. I confirmed this by placing a 300g potassium phosphate sample next to the detector. within 15-20minutes a peak at 1460 KeV was clearly visible (small).

Spectra from the GS-USB-PRO out of the box.

gamma spectaular cs137.png
Cs137 from a distance of 1.5m
ThereminoMCA - Cs137 and Mn54.png
ThereminoMCA - Cs137 and Mn54.png (90.8 KiB) Viewed 298 times
Cs137 and Mn54 at 2.5m distance - note the separation of the peaks is REALLY clear.

I am going to do a video showcasing the GS-USB-PRO and how it can work for various applications as soon as I get a little time.