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Post by MartinM » 23 Apr 2017, 19:11

I'm studying the Chernobyl accident for some time, as it seems there are dozens of different theories about the exact cause of the accident and post-accident situation as well. If anyone is interested in this, I have acquired some interesting material (documents and some rare photos) and put it here:
Unfortunately most of the quality material (not fancy, but real testimonies, experience and technical details) is in Russian language only. I'm trying to get some good translation, for now I'm using the Google translator. There are also some interesting videos, especially about the inside of sarcophagus and various expeditions into the most dangerous places (beneath and next to the reactor), which I haven't uploaded, but can recommend where to get them.
I'm planning a trip to the zone including the ChNPP in the second half of May, also hope to meet there some guys that were directly involved.
If you have any questions about that material, or just would like to discuss this topic I'm here :-)

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