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Hamamatsu PMT.

Posted: 21 Aug 2020, 11:16
by James Luck
Hello everyone, just to get a convo started.

I was looking into buying a few Hamamatsu R6095 photomultipliers, and noticed it appears since I last bought off the Ebay's that these particular tubes are right around 2x what I payed for one last year.

Anyone have a clue? Is there a shortage, thanks to the new virus?

Also has anyone used a Philips photomultiplier XP2102/SQ before with luck?
I was looking into them, along with their size as I'm working on a probe design.
( That's a topic for another post, once I'm further in to the process )

-I'd like if they are able to be run on 900v with divider, but I'm use to pretty much only using the Hamamatsu R6095 as a photomultiplier.
As most of my probes dont stay with one instrument or device. One day I'll get there, until then I kinda like being able to swap out scintillation
detectors without much change.