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Highly useful and informative documents

Posted: 01 May 2015, 08:59
by brehwens
Hi guys,

Between the two of us, Steven and I have collected quite a number of interesting documents regarding gamma spectrometry and associated hardware. The most relevant of these we will share in this post, which might be updated later on.

Feel free to add other gems you might have come across!

Note that all these documents we have found freely on the internet, and is the intellectual property of the respective publisher. We simply list them here as useful resources. Copyright belongs to the respective publisher.
Extensive set of experiments using a NaI detector, published by spectrum techniques. A must read!
(3.03 MiB) Downloaded 299 times
Massive document on most matters relating to NaI scintillation spectrometry
(23.12 MiB) Downloaded 248 times
PMT handbook by Hamamatsu
(2.78 MiB) Downloaded 237 times
Canbera Gamma-Xray-Detection.pdf
Document from Canberra on gamma and X-ray detection
(290.73 KiB) Downloaded 250 times
Saint Gobain efficiency calculations.pdf
Efficciency calculations for NaI detectors by St. Gobain
(1.54 MiB) Downloaded 216 times
Ortec NaI experiments.pdf
NaI experiments for NaI detectors by Ortec
(310.01 KiB) Downloaded 248 times
PMT handbook by Burle
(4.18 MiB) Downloaded 232 times
XRF energies.pdf
Detailed XRF chart compiled by George Dowell, GeoElectronics
(611 KiB) Downloaded 250 times