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Ivan Brown
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Hello from UK

Post by Ivan Brown » 25 Oct 2016, 07:07

Hello everyone,

Firstly, thank you for my membership of the forum.

A quick introduction, I have an active interest in radiation, radiation monitoring and collecting radioactive minerals. In the last 6 months my interest has stepped up a gear, when I successfully returned a defunct Victoreen 6B CDV 700 to working order, since then I have been building Geiger Counter kits and upgrading a couple of old Geiger counters based detector kits I built over 15 years ago ( an ex Becker GC kit and an ex Maplin electronics kit ).

In a former job covering 18 years of my career, I was an Industrial Radiographer, Radiation Protection Supervisor and Radiologist, using; X-Ray ( 25kV to 420kV ) and Gamma sources ( Cobalt60 and Iridium192 ) and attained PCN level 3 certification in Radiography.

Recently, I have also purchased a couple of Scintillation based monitors.

Through membership of other forums ( CDV 700 and Geiger Counter Enthusiasts ), I looked longingly at getting into Gamma Spectrometry, but it all looked to be a very expensive and complicated route to pursue, that is until I viewed some videos on YouTube and saw how relatively easily this could be done. Having then seen the GS1100A which simplifies connection and the ready availability of MCA software, it put Gamma Spectrometry within my reach. I can't wait for my GS1100A to arrive and i can then start to analyse my collection of active minerals, for their Gamma spectra.

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Steven Sesselmann
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Re: Hello from UK

Post by Steven Sesselmann » 25 Oct 2016, 10:09


Hello and welcome to the forum, your GS-1100A a is already on it's way to the other hemisphere so keep an eye out for it soon.

Best of luck setting up your gamma spectrometry, and please feel free to ask here for help if you need it.


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