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Re: Hello everybody

Posted: 28 Oct 2016, 10:10
by MattiaB
I didn't know it was possible to clean a crystal after it was coupled to the pmt, so now comes the easy part, i just need a glove box and try to not break everything!
I'm joking off course, i still have many more test to do with my detector before trying to clean it. Above all it performs well enought for the moment relatively to my level.
Thank you very much for your answers. I appreciate it.

Re: Hello everybody

Posted: 28 Oct 2016, 16:34
by luuk
Hi Mattia,

Unfortunately is sound more simple than it is, to refurbish a detector/crystal.
You need some specialized equipment, and some skill to do it.
Not something you can do at home!
If you are interested to know how it is done, look in the "spectrum" section there I post a few reports on refurbishing detectors.


Re: Hello everybody

Posted: 28 Oct 2016, 22:25
by MattiaB
Yes Luuk, i bet!
I saw how you refurbished the 3x3 detector with berillium window.. quite impressive!
I'm not trying this at home, don't warry!