Hi :)

New members please introduce yourself here.
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Hi :)

Post by sgt_bear » 16 Jan 2017, 07:21

Hello :)

Im new here!

Im Jonathan from Zurich Region in Switzerland! I always was interested in radiation and about a year ago i startet my first experiments.
Since i work with electronics in my job, the electronic part like pcbs and circuits were never a problem :)

I have built:
- Mighty Ohm Geiger Counter Kit (and modified it later with a display)
- A self made radiation monitor
- A self made geiger counter with LND712 Tube

Recently i got a Scionix Scintillation Detector (38B 57/1.5M - E1) and currently working on a Theremino clone for gamma spectroscopy!
I also want to build a portable spectrometer

My sources of radiation are lantern mantles, welding rod, uranium glass, "health cards", lyso crystal, vacuum tubes and smoke detectors.
- Jonathan from Switzerland

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Steven Sesselmann
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Re: Hi :)

Post by Steven Sesselmann » 16 Jan 2017, 08:16

Hi Jonathan,

Welcome to the forum, it sounds like you have a lot in common with people here.

I am sure you will enjoy doing gamma spectrometry and good luck with the Theremino clone, and keep us posted on the progress.

Steven Sesselmann | Sydney | Australia | gammaspectacular.com | groundpotential.org | rephopper.com | beejewel.com.au |

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