Hello from Golden, Colorado!

New members please introduce yourself here.
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Hello from Golden, Colorado!

Post by y0y0loach » 19 Apr 2017, 06:17

Hope everyone is having a good afternoon! My name is Matthew Bauer and I'm working on my Masters Degree in Geology here at Colorado School of Mines. My thesis work isn't in gamma spectroscopy but rather automating workflows and data acquisition for geologists with Python. Working out of my own pocket on this separate project I really appreciate the low cost entry point that Bee Research provides with their drivers and BYOD. The enthusiasm and collective knowledge of this community is also inspiring. I'm here hoping to have some fun while learning more about utilizing spectrometry for clay identification and as a proxy for organic richness in source rocks. I've purchased a GS-110-PRO and am currently re-wiring a Scionix 38 B 57 / 1.5 M - E1 as a two wire set up. I wrote Scionix for a wiring diagram and the one provided is a *little* different than the one Steve posted on Dennis's May 2013 post; but more about that later in the appropriate section...
Matthew W. Bauer, P.G.
Golden, Colorado

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Steven Sesselmann
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Re: Hello from Golden, Colorado!

Post by Steven Sesselmann » 19 Apr 2017, 12:09

Hello Matthew,

Welcome to the forum, I see you have chosen a cryptic login handle, you are pretty safe that no one has used that already, although our membership is growing we are not yet on the scale of gmail, so "Matthew B" probably would have been available :)

Good luck with the Scionix detector, I am sure the wiring diagram from Scionix will work fine, as long as the total resistance is 10M or more.

See you around...

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Re: Hello from Golden, Colorado!

Post by Martin4s » 19 Apr 2017, 18:10

Colorado. Near Arizona. Good U 238 digging;-) Am working on my project to get a better signal to noise ratio with a external sound card that can be sacrificed with static. Also Lead castles with Antimony (tin almost) then Copper and Heavy Lead behind it. In the old day it was deg K for a noise floor to make a receptive discrimination. Today it is kinda like this. https://www.asus.com/us/Sound-Cards/Xonar_U5/

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