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Greetings from Lookout Mountain Alabama

Posted: 08 Aug 2017, 06:56
by Tishers
Hello from the mountains of northeast Alabama,

My name is Tisha and I am an amateur scientist. Amateur in the sense that I do not get paid for the physics side of things but I am an electrical engineer with specializations in communications and instrumentation systems. Primarily I work on power generation and transmission systems but have also done work at nuclear power facilities.

My interests are in gamma spectroscopy and element identification, sometimes doing neutron activation for non-radioactive substances. This is primarily for geology sample identification.

I also have a home-made cosmic ray "telescope" with two detectors in coincidence mode through a collimator. It is not very telescopic but it is directional.

Back in school (in the 1980's) I had done internships at a few US national labs in the accelerator physics department and in the analysis of nuclear fuel burn-up.

Tisha Hayes

Re: Greetings from Lookout Mountain Alabama

Posted: 08 Aug 2017, 08:58
by iRad
Hi Tisha - Greetings and glad your here! NE Bama should have a decent look at the eclipse, but not too far a drive to get into totality path. Driving up to NC myself for the view. Cheers, Tom