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Howdy from Nashville TN

Posted: 11 Feb 2019, 08:57
I'm a collector and restorer of vintage radiation detectors. Many of the units in my collection are from the 50's. I'm not a scientist or engineer. I'm just a guy enjoying what I'm doing and trying to learn a few things in the process. I have a YouTube channel ( Geiger Counter Virtual Museum ) where I show some of the detectors I've restored. Most of the units required high voltage obsolete batteries which I put together converters that use regular 9V's.
Thanks for having me, Bob

Re: Howdy from Nashville TN

Posted: 11 Feb 2019, 10:32
by iRad
Hi Bob - I’ve seen you videos, great work. I especially love the work you did restoring that PRI 118 Royal Scintillator. What a beautiful instrument. Glad you are here. Cheers, Tom