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Greetings from Utah (US)

Posted: 23 Mar 2019, 18:53
by isoenzyme
It is fascinating and delightful to see the variety of people interested in gamma ray spectroscopy on this forum!

By way of introduction, I am the son of a radiobiologist (health physicist) whose first experience in science (many years ago as an early teen) was gamma ray spectroscopy on americium and plutonium. This was in a lab with a copper-tin-cadmium-lead lined foot thick (30 cm) pre-atomic age steel chamber made from a scrapped battleship that was large enough to contain two whole body counters. The electronics that supplied the high voltage to the detectors and collected the data were large enough to occupy the space of three large refrigerators and the results were obtained on long strips of paper that often were several meters long (and had to be analyzed by hand). I went on to pursue degrees in chemistry and spent the last 30 years working on developing novel spectrometers and methodologies in chemical, enzymatic and microbiological applications. A few years ago I ended up as the chemist for an oilfield company that recovered oil from tank farm waste and treated and recycled the water from drilling, completion and production efforts; this rekindled my interest in radiation measurement as N.O.R.M. and T.E.N.O.R.M. issues and experiences surfaced.

When I first saw the gammaspectacular drivers a couple of years ago I e-mailed Steve and gushed at how impressive it was. When the GS-USB-PRO became available I sold some old lab equipment and scrounged between sofa cushions and got one (as well as a CsI detector and the GS-STANDUP-20)! I'm looking forward to seeing what cool things it can do.

Re: Greetings from Utah (US)

Posted: 24 Mar 2019, 18:08
by Steven Sesselmann

Thank's for the intro and welcome to the forum.

It sounds as if you have an interesting background in radiation detection and some good experience.

You are lucky to have one of those CsI(tl) detectors, I only made two and they were both excellent, superb resolution in the low 6% range.

By the way, one of the rules on this forum is that we use our real names on posts (at least first name), it's friendlier and keeps the trolls out. You can log on to the user control panel UCP and either change the handle to your real name if it is available or add a signature with your name and title.



Re: Greetings from Utah (US)

Posted: 25 Mar 2019, 09:57
by isoenzyme
Thanks Steve! That User Control Panel took a good minute to find but the "sticky signature" was easy to add once I did.