Hello from the Czech Republic!

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Pavel M.
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Hello from the Czech Republic!

Post by Pavel M. » 27 Apr 2020, 04:23

Hello guys (and also gals, maybe?), my name is Pavel, I'm a student from the Czech Republic and I live in a small town called Kyjov (South Moravia).
My main fields of study are chemistry and biology, but I'm also interested in radioactivity, mainly because of the Fukushima-Daichi nuclear accident. Although I have several different Geiger counters (I've even built a few Arduino based ones), now I've finally saved up enough money for my very first gamma spectrometer.
If you are wondering, it's this piece of art, designed by Milos Hroch (another forum member): Scintillix
I'm still in the learning and setting up phase, but I hope that I'll also share some interesting measurements here in the future (once I'll have a sufficient shielding in place).
I'm really looking forward to being a part of this community.
Stay safe and curious.

Best regards,
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Location: Czech Republic
  • Spectrometer: Scintillix SCGS-01 v3.0
  • Probe: Scintillix 2.5" with 3" PMT

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Re: Hello from the Czech Republic!

Post by Sesselmann » 27 Apr 2020, 08:02

Hi Pavel,

Welcome to the forum, and yes you are right, gender equality hasn't made it to radiation detection yet, but we would love to see more women join the group.

Good luck getting up and running with spectrometry, it brings another dimension to your research.


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