Someone from the States like to help me?

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Someone from the States like to help me?

Post by sgt_bear » 27 Nov 2017, 20:20

Hello guys,

Most of my hobbies include electronics, therefore i need electronic measurement devices for it. Currently i'm on the hunt for a new digital oscilloscope, but most good Model are way to expensive for a hobbyist. I found a used model that has warranty and is sold by the orgiginal supplier and has a very good price.

The only problem, they ship only to the USA and some other countries because of "RoHs Regulations". This is why i want to ask here if someone from the USA would help me with this package. The mission would be to recieve the product and forward it to me. Item and Shipping would be paid directly by me. The shipping to me i would pay of course too :)

A jackpot would be if someone who is from Alaska,Delaware, Montana or Oregon is in forum and would help me, because these States have no Sales tax :)

Anyone who likes to help me.. feel free to message me :)

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Re: Someone from the States like to help me?

Post by stamasd » 27 Nov 2017, 21:42

New Hampshire also doesn't have sales tax. I used to live there but moved to Connecticut a few years ago. Don't have a NH address anymore. CT has sales tax. I'm willing to help you if you don't find anyone else.
However, I got my digital scope from China. It's not super-great but still quite decent, and it was much cheaper than an equivalent that I could buy locally. Let me see if I can dig that link.

(Edit) the seller I bought from doesn't have it anymore but there are others on Aliexpress that sell the same thing. It's an Instrustar ISDS220B, 200MSPS, good to 60MHz, 2 channels and with a built-in sweep generator. I paid about $120 for it, and it's about the same price now.
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Re: Someone from the States like to help me?

Post by Geoff » 28 Nov 2017, 11:09

I live in Alaska, but shipping may end up being too expensive.
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