Thorite versus Uranothorite

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Thorite versus Uranothorite

Post by Steve Dubyk » 18 Sep 2016, 09:58

A friend gave me a little crystal labeled thorite a few days ago, and since we have been identifying thorite at a few of the mines in the Petaca district here in NM, I figured to include a spectra of it for the record. Well, it did not look like thorite from the spectra! I compared the spectra to a thorite that had been analyzed from Petaca and things were quite off.

The only other information on the label of the specimen given to me was a web site, I went to the website and they do have specimens of thorite for sale. The website indicated that their thorites are from Mogok, Myanmar. Further investigation led to an analysis of thorites from Mogok, and indeed they are uranothorite with a high levels of U substituting for Th, from 18-26% UO2! Thorites from the Petaca district however have less than 1% UO2.

I've attached a document comparing the spectra of the uranothorite with thorite from NM and thorium mantles. Not all thorites are created equal, I guess.

thorite vs. uranothorite.pdf
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