New in PRA 10.2.24

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New in PRA 10.2.24

Post by Steven Sesselmann » 23 Sep 2015, 18:11

Copied from PRA Manual:

1. Added: Additional pulse height gain adjustment by using “>” and “<” keys. Using this option changes the scale of an abscissa of the Pulse Height Histogram. It can be useful if heights of the pulses are mainly smaller than 10 arb.u. and acquiring pulse shape is difficult. However, it is only artificial increase of the gain and proper signal level adjustment is recommended.
Note, the above enhancement was requested by me as some detectors just don't have a tall enough pulse to obtain a pulse shape (steven)
2. Added: Copy and paste all values from one channel in “Energy Calibration” and “Pulse Shape” dialogue boxes.

3. Added: PRA can be opened with document's name as command line parameter. This makes possible to associate “.pls” or “.wav” file types to be opened by PRA.

4. Added: Support for drag and drop files.

5. Added: “Export Coincident Pulses Height” menu.

6. Added: Advanced event filtering.

7. Added: Possibility to shift pitch of played sound by using “.” and “,” keys.
I bet many have not even realised that PRA can play sound. The sound enhancement was actually introduced for one of my blind clients (Steven)
8. Changed: Maximum data acquisition time reduced to 100 years.
This is more than enough for me (Steven)
9. Changed: Format of “Pulse” structure (see Appendix). “Pulse” structure contains now the value of pulse distortion (tolerance) and the index of being in coincidence pulse from another channel.

10. Changed: Format of “Settings” structure (see Appendix).

11. Changed: “Tolerance threshold” and “Tolerance correction” are increased 100 times to avoid
Page 3 writing small numbers.
I have suggested to marek that this setting should be moved to the advanced filter, as it is a function that changes the view post recording.(Steven)
12. Changed: Saving files without stopping data acquisition. To activate this option during data acquisition press F1 key and then open file menu. This feature is not well tested and not recommended to use during important data acquisition.
Great if you are doing a long recording. I might also suggest to Marek that the file could auto save when the set recording limit has been reached, especially since it can now be 100 years, I most likely won't be here to save the file :) (Steven)
13. Changed: Improved visibility of Gaussian correlation curve display.
This was another one of my requests, as the gaussian curves were not very obvious on screen shots, especially for low res jpg images, so it's much better now (Steven)
14. Changed: Improved Counting Rate Histogram scaling to avoid unnecessary empty bins.

15. Fixed: All known bugs.

Changes introduced to the “Pulse” structure make version 10 of PRA are incompatible with documents (*.pls and *.ini files) produced using any earlier version. Files “.pls” saved from version 10 are 50% larger than those from previous version as they contain an extra information. Additionally, version 10 also uses 50% more computer's memory. For those who are not interested using “Advanced filtering” feature there are still older versions of PRA available for download.

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