Intune Software - A handy tool for beginners

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Intune Software - A handy tool for beginners

Post by Steven Sesselmann » 27 Jun 2017, 09:46

This post is directed at beginners to sound card spectrometry..

One of the most common problems I encounter with beginners to sound card spectroscopy is controlling the volume. This is not so surprising because there are many variables to affect volume.

• Microphone Volume
• Bias Voltage
• Preamplifier Volume (GS-PRO models)

One of the most useful tools is Intune software, it was written by Marek Dolleiser (same author as PRA), it's free and does not require any special installation just download it and run it.

Once you have recorded the sound of your detector from the GS driver you can view the audio trace on the screen, zoom in and analyse the signal. Things like Volume and baseline noise will become obvious to the naked eye.

I often ask beginners to send me a 10 second Intune file, like a blood sample to a pathologist, it tells me how healthy the system is. I can even identify a faulty cable from the trace.

Link to download Intune here: ... ads/intune

Below is an image of how a healthy detector should look.

Intune Screen Shot
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Re: Intune Software - A handy tool for beginners

Post by WillemG » 02 Jul 2017, 21:42

Hi Steven,
Thanks for this information.
I am going to try this diagnostic software
Some months/weeks ago I have started with blank measurements and with some samples which should give a spectrum, unless the backgroud radiation. No shield available sofar (Project in planning).
NaI Bicron 3M3/3P, Canberra 802-3, GS-1100 PRO, Dell Optiplex 960 with Linux Zorin 9, PRA 64 bit, latest version Sapphire HD 2400 Pro audio. Preamps in Detectors were bypassed.
But the audio trace seems to me suspect, is very unstable so I assume there is something wrong.
Due to PC problems I recently lost most of my measurement data.
I will report as soon I have more information.
Best regards,

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