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PRA 19.0.0 Released

Posted: 15 Oct 2018, 08:13
by Steven Sesselmann
Hi all,

Marek continues to surprise us, I received an email yesterday informing me that V19.0.0 is out, and it has some great new features.

Subtract Background
This is one that many have been asking for and after a quick test last night I can confirm it works perfectly. You just record a good background, longer is better, and save it as your background file, then under the action menu you select "Use as background". As with most of the functions in PRA this data is in a separate file and can optionally be switched on or off in the Data Acquisition control pane.

Change of Units
This was a small enhancement I suggested and Marek agreed, that the time units previously all in milli seconds be changed to microseconds thereby avoiding the small units.

Enhanced Audio Input Screen
I also asked Marek for a way to visually understand the pulse length and a way to see how sample rate affects pulse length, so marek has added some dots to indicate the sample points. This is a good improvement, but not as helpful as I was hoping, as it's impossible to count dots in real time. I would have preferred if the 16 sample points were a different colour. Need to talk with Marek about this.

All up V19 is a good improvement and I look forward to working with it.


Re: PRA 19.0.0 Released

Posted: 17 Oct 2018, 06:05
by cicastol
WOW , finally background subtraction is here , great works!
Next big step could be the implementation of centroid peak tracking techniques for temperature drift compensation, this will really a cool add , improving resolution on long sampling time.

Thanks Marek!

Re: PRA 19.0.0 Released

Posted: 22 Oct 2018, 10:31
by Steven Sesselmann
Marek doesn't seem too concerned about fractional version numbers, looks like we have jumped straight to 20.0.0 :)

It seems this is mainly a bug fix.

Changes in version 20.0.0
1. Changed: Updated Help file.
2. Changed: .pls file header format.
3. Fixed: All known bugs.