Hot Playboy magazines ?

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Steven Sesselmann
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Hot Playboy magazines ?

Post by Steven Sesselmann » 25 Nov 2016, 09:53

Hi Guys,

Do you have any hot playboy magazines? If so they might be hotter than you remembered, according to the article I found in the link below, you can enjoy these magazines one more time by cutting them to pieces and putting the pieces in a marinelli beaker for a spectrum analysis. ... azines.htm

More radioactive consumer products here.. ... nsumer.htm

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Re: Hot Playboy magazines ?

Post by luuk » 26 Nov 2016, 01:52

I had to trow them away from my girlfriend, what a wast of good material :-)

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Re: Hot Playboy magazines ?

Post by MartinM » 26 Nov 2016, 02:29

I like this:
When he saw the spectrum, he was extremely interested, and when I told him the estimated exposure rate from reading Playboy, his jaw dropped and he asked "What's the critical organ?"*
Martin Malik,

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