Beach sand, Vromos bay (Bulgaria)

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Re: Beach sand, Vromos bay (Bulgaria)

Post by Steven Sesselmann » 13 Jan 2020, 19:46


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Re: Beach sand, Vromos bay (Bulgaria)

Post by gwgw » 13 Jan 2020, 20:09

R0B0T wrote:
12 Jan 2020, 13:56
Hello Gents, Im interested in the Vromos Bay radiation ropic.
I can provide you with sand samples as many as needed as I live near by.

What does that mean???
The sand sample that I have - or at least about 100g of it - shows just about 11 CPS (125 CPS being the normal background in the room and 25 CPS being the normal background in my poor lead castle.

The spectrum (about 12h measurement with background extraction) gives out some nice Uranium products photopeaks...

So 11 CPS is totally OK???
Do you think there is danger on the beach and in the water at Vromos???
IMO there is no danger from gamma radiation at the beach. Also 0.20 uSv/h is the normal background in some neighbourhoods of Sofia. The sand itself has a higher percentage of copper, lead, cadmium, arsenic that came from the mine...and yeah, definitely some uranium in it as well. I would likely avoid having a picnic on it as fine dust from it may get into the food, blown by the wind. Personally, I would avoid the mussels they grow there either, not sure if it's a good idea to consume them.
Milen Rangelov

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Re: Beach sand, Vromos bay (Bulgaria)

Post by Geoff » 14 Jan 2020, 07:48

Milen, that’s a really interesting history. Thanks for sharing! I’d love to visit that beach.
Geoff Van Horn

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Re: Beach sand, Vromos bay (Bulgaria)

Post by R0B0T » 14 Jan 2020, 10:37

Here is a VERY interesting read on VROMOS.

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