Gammaspectacular Spectrometers and Detectors

Until recently the science of nuclear isotope spectroscopy used to be limited to well funded institutions, however thanks to the development of freely available MCA software, medium count rate spectroscopy has become affordable for everyone. The first Gammaspectacular hardware was developed in 2009 as an easy plug and play solution for scientists wanting to use a software MCA. 


Our gamma spectrometers can identify unknown radioactive elements or nuclear isotopes  by their unique gamma energies, especially suitable for quantifying trace elements in food and soil. A good gamma spectrum with our scintillation detectors can measure down to a few hundreds of Becquerel per kg.


If you are setting up a counting lab from scratch, we have excellent kits with everything you need except lead shielding, which for obvious reasons are better sourced locally. Our kits come with various size scintillation detectors to suit your specific experiment. If we don't have the specific size or type of detector you are looking for, we may be able to get it, just contact us via the link below.


The Gammaspectacular is the original and best sound card spectrometer on the market, we invented it in 2009 and we are still improving the product. The new GS-USB-PRO is a third generation product and outperforms the rest, giving you clearer better spectra, bringing out the best in your detector.


Our scintillation detectors are as good as they look, we hand assemble and test every detector using only the best components, because we know detectors are the weakest link in the chain and for that reason we don't  compromise on the build.


Technically only one neutron detector in our range at the moment, but hopefully more to come soon.


Perfect for teachers, students, and anyone who want's to discover the fascinating world of nuclear radiation. Within hours you could learn the art of nuclear isotope identification. All our products are made in our workshop, and come with an unconditional 12 months warranty. Government and University enquiries welcome.


If you are working on an experiment and have special requirements for radiation detection, send us a query from the link below, we are more than happy to help if we can.


Weather you are a student, professor or amateur researcher we understand how funding equipment is challenging, so if you are a student, retired or just poor, help yourself to a student discount by typing the word "student"  into the coupon field on the checkout page (you decide).


We accept most forms of payment online via PayPal, but if you require a quote to obtain a purchase order,  just contact us below, or select the Bank Transfer Payment option on checkout.

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