CsI(Tl) Scintillation Detector 2.0" x 1.0" Crystal [ custom made product]

This detector is a special build for a client requiring a spectrum in the range 10 to 1000 keV.

Due to the low energy requirement, the detector will be fitted with a high gain PMT and the crystal encapsulation will be extra thin in the axial direction, this will be achieved by machining an opening in the aluminium housing and covering the crystal with 0.02 mm Aluminium foil.


Scintillation Crystal: Thallium doped Caesium Iodide - CsI(Tl)

PMT.......................: Hamamatsu R

Voltage Divider.......: Integral 12 M Ohm

Connector..............: SHV

Resolution at 660 keV: 7 - 8%

Voltage Range 900V - 950V

Gamma Energy Range: 10 to 1000 KeV

Finish: White Powder coating

Supplied with 1.0 meter  SHV to SHV or SHV to BNC Coaxial cable as per requirement

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  • USD 1,950.00

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