• GS-2020-CSI

CsI(Tl) Gamma Scintillation Detector 2.0" x 2.0" Crystal

This detector is a great general purpose detector, it has a 51 x 51 mm Caesium Iodide crystal, coupled to a high quality Hamamatsu PMT with integral voltage divider, the whole package is housed in a spun aluminium housing and neatly capped off with an aluminium cap and SHV connector. Surface finished in a hard wearing radiant blue anodising, you would have to admit that it's also pretty cool.

We recommend this detector for use with the GS-USB-PRO spectrometer.

This detector is built by Bee Research from quality new components.


Scintillation Crystal: CsI(Tl)

PMT.......................: 8 stage (Hamamatsu)

Voltage Divider.......: Integral 18 M Ohm

Connector..............: SHV

Background CPM...:  @ 900V

Resolution at 660 keV: 6.5% - 7.5%

Voltage Range: 800- 900 V

Gamma Energy Range: 25 to 3000 KeV

Supplied with 1.0 m SHV to SHV Cable

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  • USD 2,300.00

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