NaI(Tl) Gamma Scintillation Detector 1.5" x 1.5" Crystal    

(Special Limited Time Offer $750.00)

This detector is a great general purpose detector, it has a 38 x 38 mm Sodium Iodide crystal, coupled to a PMT with integral voltage divider, the whole package is housed in a spun aluminium housing and neatly capped off with an aluminium cap and silver plated BNC connector.  Finished in pearl white powder coating.

We recommend this detector for use with the GS-USB-PRO spectrometer.

This detector is built by Bee Research from quality new components.


Scintillation Crystal: NaI(Tl) (Bridgeman Growth)

PMT.......................: 10 stage (Hamamatsu)

Connector..............: SHV

Background CPM...: ~950

Resolution at 660 keV: 6.5 to 8% 

Voltage Range 750V - 850V

Gamma Efficiency at 662 keV (Cs137) : approx. 60%

Supplied with 1 m BNC to BNC Coaxial cable




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  • USD 900.00
  • USD 750.00

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