Mn54 Gamma Spectrum

Manganese 54 is a synthetically produced isotope of Mn with atomic number 25, it has a physical half life of 312.5 days and emits a single gamma ray at 834.8 keV.  

  • U.S. NRC Exempt Quantity Limit: 10 μCi (370 kBq) 
  • IAEA Exempt Quantity Limit: 27 μCi (1000 kBq)
  • Chemical Symbol: Mn-54
  • Atomic Number: 25
  • Mass Number: 54
  • Neutrons: 29
  • Half-Life: 312.2 days
  • Decay Constant: 0.00222 days^-1
  • Decay Mode: Electron Capture

Thanks to Christopher Lloyd of salt Lake City Utah for providing these excellent spectra of Mn54, recorded with a GS-USB-PRO and 2" x 2" CsI(Tl) detector (March 2019).

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