Cerium Bromide Gamma Scintillation Detector

High resolution gamma detector with 1.5" x 1.5" encapsulated Cerium Bromide (CeBr3) crystal coupled to an ADIT L51B116S series PMT housed in 1 mm aluminum shell.

This detector will work with any standard PMT voltage divider socket, but when used with our spectrometers we recommend the GS-PMT-14-2

Cerium bromide crystals have a high density and superior resolution, typically better than 4.5% at 662 keV., which makes them excellent for research where low level detection is required. 

CeBr3 does have a small amount of intrinsic activity  (self count) however this is often compensated for by subtracting background counts in the software. 

This product is made to order - Please check availability before ordering.

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  • Brand: Gammaspectacular
  • Product Code: GS-1515-CEBR-P14
  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • USD $9,999.00

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