High Speed MCA With 14 Pin Socket

The GS--MAX-14 is a digital USB multichannel analyser with 14 pin socket, the MCA will work with almost any PMT based scintillation detector with a standard 14 pin socket and can count up to 100,000 cps with excellent resolution. 

It connects via USB to a PC and comes with powerful open source software which is absolutely free. Bias voltage and other hardware variables can be changed by sending commands to the MCA from the software. 

Temperature Stabilised

The GS-2020-NaI-MAX  detector has integral temperature sensor to compensate for temperature drift over a wide range from -40C˚  to +80C˚, for best results the user should calibrate temperature drift for the individual detector. 

PC Software

Becqmoni software comes with all the features you expect of a professional gamma spectroscopy system, background subtraction, isotope identification and more.

Download Becqmoni

Android Software

This product will also work with Atom-Spectra on Android, but you will most likeley need a Type-B to Type-C USB cable (not supplied)

Download Atom-Spectra


Bias Voltage 

Adjustable from 500-1800V

Communication speed (rec) 

600,000 Baud

Communication protocol


Connector (on detector)

USB Type-B

USB Cable length

1.2 meter

Power consumption

170 mA (USB 5V)

Number of channels

Max 8192

Temperature stability

-40 C˚ to +80 C˚


200 grams


74 x 59 mm


1 x GS-MAX-14

1 x USB Type-B to USB Type-A

1 x Manual

Download Brochure

Made in Australia

This spectrometer is made in Australia by Bee Research Pty Ltd and Max Koshelev

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GS-MAX-14 Gamma Spectrometer

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