High Resolution LaBr3 Crystal

High resolution gamma scintillation detector with 25.4 x 25.4 mm  (LaBr3) crystal.

Expect to see a lot more detail in your spectrum with one of these tiny high resolution LaBr3 detectors, what they lack in size is more than made up for by the impressive resolution. 

These crystals provide excellent resolution typically 3.5% or better at 662 keV. 

The LaBr3 crystals are encapsulated and axially mounted to a 1.5" (38 mm) quality PMT with 12 M Ohm divider and a single SHV connector (BNC available on request), the whole assembly is padded and enclosed in an anodised aluminium housing with wall thickness ~0.6 mm. 

These detectors are made to order and subject to parts availability. 

Please send your enquiry via the Contact Us link, to obtain the best possible pricing. 

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GS-1010-LABR LaBr3 Scintillation Detector

  • USD $3,500.00

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