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General information.

Pulse Recorder and Analyser is designed to use a computer with a sound adapter as an multichannel analyser and scaler. The main purpose of the application is to record and analyse signals received from a radiation detectors as: Geiger counters, scintillation detectors, gas proportional counters, and semiconductor detectors. It detects pulses and in real time analyses the acquired data.


PRA in German is now available thanks to translation by Heiner Gerling.
PRA version 21 (updated 2019/03/10) is not compatible with earlier versions, however you can open files created with PRA version 10 to 20. All data will be intact but without most of the settings. Please delete "PRA.ini" file from the program directory if you are upgrading PRA. For more information about PRA please download the program:

Hardware and software requirements:

A PC with a sound adapter running WindowsXP or higher operating system including 32bit and 64bit versions. It also works on Linux boxes with Wine.

Download PRA:

Version File Name Bytes Checksum md5
PRA installer for Windows 32 bit version PRA21Setup32.exe 691549 50840ef50a8bf62b91f5085f09d475ff
PRA installer for Windows 64 bit version PRA21Setup64.exe 703397 87808994f666fb9762f35b27e48d246f
PRA for Windows 32+64 bit version PRA21.7z 446605 92e2a70a31fe6f1cc9a55bfa60234003
PRA installer for Windows 32 bit in German version PRA21Setup32_deutsch.exe 788433 dd6d597e605e9d7b74a8d50eb784126e
PRA installer for Windows 64 bit in German version PRA21Setup64_deutsch.exe 800279 0fd086bf311421ec1a65cfafbce6440a
PRA for Windows 32+64 bit in German version PRA21_deutsch.7z 542747 f459280f9d747e604e1bca5b75c5c06e


If you downloaded "PRA*.7z" file, uncompress it and copy suitable 32bit or 64bit PRA.exe and PRA.pdf files to any folder. This program is portable and all settings are saved in the "PRA.ini" file located in the application's directory. For help see "PRA.pdf" included in the package.

If you downloaded one of the installers (thanks goes to Inno Setup), just run the "PRA*Setup*.exe" program and follow instructions. Installer will make links to the PRA application in menu and associate PRA with ".pls" files. It also produces an uninstaller program.

For additional information or if you may have any comments and suggestions E-mail Marek Dolleiser.

Documents (.pls and .ini files) created by the different main versions of PRA are not compatible. If you have files created by PRA version above 10 you can still open them in PRA version 20. However, most of the settings which have been saved with the data will be ignored. PRA version 9 is not compatible with any newer version.

 Download older version of PRA if you need it for any reason.

Last modified 2019/03/10.

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