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by sibir
22 Nov 2019, 09:13
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Topic: One more aboard!
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One more aboard!

Hello all,
I found this forum through a radiation related Google searches.
Despite my academic physics background I came in touch with radiation topics only much later in my career.
And I came to like it. That's why I am here.


P.S. Great domain name!
by sibir
22 Nov 2019, 06:08
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Topic: Detector type
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Re: Detector type

I also found old 3" Harshaw NaI detectors, one says type 12S12/3 the other 12S12/E. The both have 14 pin PMTs, but how can I find out which? The bases are both beige. I tried them with an Ortec digiBase and they appeared to work fine, one gave 10%, the other a little over 8% FWHM for Cs-137. So...