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by Quaid
29 Jun 2020, 07:31
Forum: Detector drivers
Topic: GS-1100-Pro only outputting half voltage
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GS-1100-Pro only outputting half voltage

A few months back I picked up a Gs-neutron and a Gs-1100-pro as a power supply (for 500V). It worked fine for the neutron as I got expected background neutron counts, but haven't used it since. I recently put together a scintillation detector based off the XP5312-SN PMT. Instead of building my own p...
by Quaid
28 Jun 2020, 12:12
Forum: Introductions >> Start Here !
Topic: Heya everyone
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Heya everyone

Heya everyone, I'm a Canadian university student from Ontario. I'm slowly putting together a humble collection of radiation detectors, and have now started to build my own since they're usually cheaper (at the cost of my own time and effort). So I have come to this forum to share and gain knowledge ...