3D printable Marinelli beaker

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3D printable Marinelli beaker

Post by Cosmic » 05 Apr 2020, 21:35

Hi all,

for those of you, who have access to a 3D printer, you can print your own Marinelli beakers.
The design goal was to have marinelli geometry available even for small sample volumes, in the case there is only a small amount of sample material available or there is not much space inside the shield.
As an example I compared the 100ml marinelli beaker against a cylindric geometry of the same volume on top of the probe:
  • Background 7.7cps
  • Cylinder 9.3cps = 1.6cps from sample
  • Marinelli 10.3cps = 2.6cps from sample
Marinelli geometry gives a 60% higher count rate.

Currently .stl files are available for 4 different volumes and probes up to ca. 70mm diameter.
If you need a beaker for a different volume/probe size let me know.

It comes with screw-on lid and a tamper.

volume - probe diameter, outer diameter, height
100ml - 72mm, 86mm, 78mm
150ml - 72mm, 89mm, 93mm
250ml - 72mm, 95mm, 95mm
500ml - 72mm, 112mm, 110mm

Caution: Do not fill in liquids - this could damage your probe!
3D prints are usually porous and might leak. Maybe sealing the print with epoxy will work, but do this on your own risk!

.stl files are available on Thingiverse (be patient ...)

Mike S
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Re: 3D printable Marinelli beaker

Post by Mike S » 25 Apr 2020, 10:30

Thanks for sharing the files. I made something similar (but not as nice) a while back, and I can confirm that even though it held water for a while, eventually the water found a way through (I had to try).

Mike S.
Mike Sullivan
Central Coast of California, USA

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