2 scionix 38b57 comparison

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2 scionix 38b57 comparison

Post by MattiaB » 07 May 2017, 05:30

Hello everybody,
i want to share with you this comparison i made between 2 Scionix 38B57 E1 detectors,
the first has a bad resolution, around 8,5% @ 662KeV due to some wet in the crystal.
Recently I had the opportunity to refurbish another detetector, this time the things are different,
i obtained a good resolution of 7% both in Theremino MCA and BeqMoni.
The 2 probe was setted in the same way, with the same home made voltage divider of 120Mohm as shown below and both supplied with a 740 Volt bias.
In the third picture you can see the benefits of the new probe with improved resolution, especially on low-mid energies.
thorium comparison-01.jpg
Mattia Beninati
Venice, Italy

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Steven Sesselmann
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Re: 2 scionix 38b57 comparison

Post by Steven Sesselmann » 09 May 2017, 09:56


Thanks for sharing, nice work on the refurbishment and good spectra. Yes I agree a 1% difference in resolution can make quite a difference, although 8% is usually considered acceptable, but a resolution between 6% and 7% is absolutely more satisfying.

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