Exploranium GR-135

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James Luck
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Exploranium GR-135

Post by James Luck » 31 Oct 2020, 14:32

Hello all,

Heres a cool meter I recently purchased and after some work got working once again. I'm quite pleased to own one, its been on a wish list for some time.

The Gr-135 Exploranium, mobile spectrum analyzer.
First test was conducted with a 0.25uCi
Ceasium-137 source, fresh from spectrum techniques.

After some fiddling the meter didnt see any of my sources it couldnt name.

I bought the unit used, it was untested and unable to power up.
After a close inspection and work on the battery compartment as most units someone left the batteries to die I got it to power up and start processing. After calibration, the meter came to life.

https://drive.google.com/folderview?id= ... qZY6TQ8W1w

Here are a few pictures, sadly I failed to take any of the damage, and repairs. I was too eager to try the thing out.

I'm looking foward to using this one in the feild, while exploring and searching.

James luck
Chicago Ill, USA.
Hobbyist, primary meter: refurbished GR-135 & Ludlum 9.
Mostly detection than identification.

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