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Post by Sesselmann » 27 May 2024, 16:14

Hi All,

We have recently added a new product, the GS-MAX-8000 this is not a sound card spectrometer it is a high speed digital spectrometer, meaning it has a microprocessor on the board that does all the MCA work and outputs a complete spectrum.

We have built it into the same quality enclosure as the GS-PRO-V5, but that's where the similarity ends. The GS-MAX-8000 communicates via USB Serial UART connection and it is not compatible with PRA, but it works great with Becqmoni (Atom) and IMPULSE.

The main advantage offered by the GS-MAX-8000 is it's speed, it can record a spectrum at up to 100,000 cps., essential for large detectors 3" and up where count rates might exceed the limit of the GS-PRO-V5. ... s-max-8000


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