Ortec 92X-II Spectrum Master

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Ortec 92X-II Spectrum Master

Post by sgt_bear » 17 Nov 2020, 05:46

Hi Folks,

I have purchased an old Ortec 92X-II Spectrum Master, luckily it does not had any issues and is working so far. Since this unit is old it usually runs on DPM (Dual Port Memory, obsolete Computer interface). It also can be run on RS232. I've checked with Ortec and luckily the still provided me with a bit of info for this product. Ortec Maestro does not support RS232, only DPM. Finding a DPM Interface is expensive and hard. I've got documentation on the 92X-II and checked the commands its a very easy interface, and the device cann collect spectra on its own (you do not have to "live" transfer the data, it can run standalone after starting the collection). Now i'm developing my own little software to set parameters and download spectrum. This will be used to interface with my hpge detector.

On the following document:
https://www.ortec-online.com/-/media/am ... 51BE53A7F6

There is a hint on page 6, that the device also accepts "NaI" at high voltage, so i think this could run with a Scintillation detector. It would be very good if it would be possible to connect a Scintillation Detector there, because then i could to spectra tests without sacrificing Ln2 to cool my HPGE detector. I don't really care about resolution for the scintillation spectra, its only to see if the device works in spectra mode, and to test my data interface.

Has anyone here an idea whats needed to connect a Scintillation Detector? I guess i will need some sort of signal splitter, but do i also need amplification or anything else? Also see attached image of the datasheet for the device
Any help is welcome!
- Jonathan from Switzerland

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