Help wiring a crismatec 1.25" NaI (Ti) scintillator.

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Re: Help wiring a crismatec 1.25" NaI (Ti) scintillator.

Post by James Luck » 16 Nov 2021, 13:18

Addison.G wrote:
07 Apr 2020, 13:04
Hi James,
Did you ever get that detector working? I recently acquired a similar one with slightly different labeling but still a 32 SPE 50. On the label it lists the PMT as a Hamamatsu R268. I'm probably going to try powering it up with the signal out to an oscilloscope and slowly ramp the voltage up to see what I get.
Since my update have you had any Luck?

the furthest ive found so far is the "32 SPE 50" relates to a medical isotope station, for measuring activity and daughter concentration. but i cant recall the exact name currently i guarantee when i was looking last i put away a document on the setup though that's missing as of now.

i am familiar with that pmt which is interesting, just wish i knew how it was wired still.

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