Secondary Cosmic Rays

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Secondary Cosmic Rays

Post by Sesselmann » 09 Aug 2022, 09:38

Hi all,

For those of you fascinated by cosmic rays, Marek Dolleiser (Author of PRA software) has just shared with me a paper documenting his post retirement research on the subject.

In typical Marek fashion, the paper is fascinatingly detailed and leaves no room for hand waving. I read the paper once this morning, but it will have to go over it again slowly to fully understand it. I would just like to point out the clever way in which Marek uses pulse coincidence summing with PRA to analyse his data, AFAIK this is a novel idea.
Secondary cosmic rays are particles which originate from a primary high-energy particle com- ing to our planet from the outside space. We can detect them at the surface of Earth. The experiment was carried at my place starting by 2018. After retirement, I had much time. Ob- servation of the cosmic rays was primarily meant to keep me busy. When it results with some significant outcome, I decided to make them available to everybody. This work could be of in- terest of cosmic rays amateur researchers. Their finances are usually minimal, and vast arrays of advanced detectors or usage of satellites are out of the scope. This document is not a scien- tific paper, but more like a story about my adventure, including a personal view on the subject. I am giving a quite detailed description of the used equipment and analysis of the collected data as an example for the eventual followers. Doing one physical experiment yourself can give you more satisfaction and knowledge than reading hundreds of scientific books. ... icRays.pdf



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